I am a mum of two small children and I had reflexology treatments throughout both of my pregnancies, which I found hugely beneficial throughout the maternity journey.
Before conception, when preparing the body, reflexology can be used to balance the hormonal system, relax the client and give an energy boost.

During pregnancy reflexology is one of the most relaxing complementary therapies you can choose. It may help the body adjust to hormonal changes and aid problems in pregnancy such as morning sickness, nausea, backache, tension and difficulty sleeping.

Post pregnancy the sudden drop in hormones can affect new mothers. As well as feeling emotional there are added pressures such as feeding and caring for the baby plus lack of sleep. Reflexology can ease anxiety, balance hormones and energy levels. It can be very useful for helping with postnatal depression. You can bring your baby with you to postnatal treatments. The baby is usually very calm as the mum is relaxed during the treatment. If you need to feed you can do so whilst having the treatment.

You may feel happier informing your midwife that you are receiving reflexology, although it is not necessary if you have an uncomplicated pregnancy.

© Copyright of the Association of Reflexologists 2010
© Copyright of the Association of Reflexologists 2010

Fertility Issues

Problems conceiving are becoming increasingly common. Fertility issues can occur in both men and women. Sometimes specific medical issues are identified but other couples have non-specific fertility issues which couples can find very stressful. Factors such as lifestyle, health issues and stress can have an effect. Reflexology cannot be seen as a cure but has had good results helping those with problems conceiving.

Reflexology may help by balancing the whole endocrine system and reducing stress levels, allowing a deep relaxation that can ease the tension and help nature do its best.

Assisted Conception

For couples having assisted conception such as IVF a treatment can be offered that works alongside the medical process. This may have a relaxing effect during a stressful period in a couple’s relationship.